Taste the yummy and delicious food of Japan and buy Japanese food online

Japanese foods and drinks are famous all over the world because of their unique and yummy taste. Tempura, sushi and sashimi are some most famous dishes of Japan. Although, varieties of other tasty dishes are also present in Japan that you must try. When you get the opportunity to travel to this amazing destination then you should try tasty and amazing local cuisine of that particular place. Different cities having their own special dishes and for this reason they are famous. Colorful artistic decoration and seasonal fresh ingredients, these are the two main things for which Japanese food is well-known. Every particular region is having a special dish that is prepared by using fresh local ingredients.  Hokkaido is famous for seafood where you can try crab and sashimi at cheaper price than compare to Tokyo. Takoyaki and okonomiyaki are famous local cuisine of Osaka that you must try at least for once.

Let’s know some yummy and delicious food of Japan to buy Japanese food online.


Sushi is most famous dish of Japan and it is quite expensive. It is good to buy Japanese food online where you get these dishes at reasonable rates. Ika (squid) and Ebi (prawn), Toro (fatty tuna), Hirame (flatfish)Uni (sea urchin roe) and Maguro (tuna) these are the most famous types of sushi.



Tempura is another most famous food of Japan. Preparation of tempura is quite simple. In this vegetables and seafood are used that are dipped in batter of tempura and then go for deep fry.  Kabocha (pumpkin),Anago (sea eel),Renkon (lotus root), Nasubi (aubergine), Ebi(shrimp),Shiitake (mushroom) and Kisu, these are the most famous tempura menus. These dishes give best taste when they are complimented with tentsuyu (soy sause of light brown color) and with simple salt. Tempura is most popular food and you can easily order these kinds of Japanese food online and enjoy its delicious taste.


Yakitori is prepared with almost every part of barbecued chicken like liver, skin and cartilage. They are used in the preparation of this Yakitori. Yakitori, taste best when you combine it with Tare (sauce of soy) and shio (salt). Japanese food online is a best medium for grabbing all these tasty and amazing dishes of the place.

Some best Japanese soft drinks:

Sake (Nihon shu)

Sake is a type of wine that contains around 15-20% of alcohol and is made up of rice. Grouping of Japanese foods with sake is just an awesome combination and also give a great taste.


Shochu is having 20-50% of alcohol content and is prepared from wheat, rice and sweet potatoes. Basically it is a distilled spirit. It gives a great taste on mixing with oolong tea and coke, chilled or hot water.


Japanese people are fond of tea and they drink it every day. Japanese tea is never prepared with milk, cream or sugar. A special type of traditional tea is served which contains powder of tea leaf known as macha in which bitter green tea is used. Generally cost of these Japanese drinks is not too high and too low but it best to buy Japanese drinks online where you get list of varieties of these drinks at cheap price.

So these are some best options to buy Japanese food and drink online.