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Full-automatic Soft / Hard / Soda / Bear Biscuit Production Line is a new generation advanced equipment which can produce biscuits such as hard biscuit .soft biscuit, soda biscuit, sandwich biscuit etc. Oven and machine shell are all made of stainless steel. This line have the character of big production capacity, Stable running, good-looking surface, easy operation etc.

Full automatic white lover cookies series products are very popular in Japan for the purticular shape,crispy taste. Now HG Group introduce the mature Japense manufacturing technology and the advanced manufacturing experience,what is more,HG improve it with domestic  swiss roll production line customers' demands.The full automatic sandwich thin cookies production line meet market demands very well.

Full automatic baked potato chips production line is our company latest developed non-fried equipment based on the technology of the compound potato chips production line. The equipment can produce healthy and non-fried new type potato chips by the the process of sheeting, baking, flavoring.This equipment have the characteristics of high –automation, easy operation ,stable running etc, and is popular with the food factory at home and abroad.