Biscuits can be grouped into hard biscuit,soft biscuit,according to the formula,process and different forming method.Hard biscuit production line is generally composed of a feeding machine(if producing the soda biscuit or chocolate coated biscuit,another lamination process is needed),a set of dough roller,through the dough rolling and dough sheet,then through the roller cutting machine,rest material recycling device,inlet oven machine,the entire biscuit forming line.For soft biscuit and cookie biscuit production line,only the forming machine and inlet oven machine can be the whole forming process.In order to increase the biscuit types and characteristics,customer can allocate the sugar &salt sprinkling machine,egg spraying machine,egg painting machine,calico printing machine,etc.the oven is to make the formed biscuit into delicious food .You can choose different types of biscuit production line.Dough rolling width is 250mmto 1200mm(if you have special needs,we can customize for you).




Our full automatic cake production line is research and developed on the basis of Europe’s advanced equipment,and colligate with the real condition of individual workshop.The full automatic cake line is gather the electricity,light and machine together.With the merits of high automation large capacity,fewer workers,and fewer workers touched with the product,long quality guarantee period etc.,it is very popular by food factories.the equipment is divided into five parts:the batter mixing ,baking oven,filling,cooling &sterilization,packaging.(Additional,the equipment can be combined into a semi-automatic,large-volume production line),you can choose different types of tunnel oven(such as Electricity,Diesel,Gas,Thermal oil)