Rehearsal Schedule

The Little Mermaid Jr. Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsals will be Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays unless notified otherwise.  If a child misses three rehearsals without written documentation he/she will be excused from the production.

Mornings: 8-9am

Afternoons: 4-6pm



May 14                         Afternoon TILL 5:30PM: Stage Scenes 19 and RUN-THROUGH (All Cast & Stage Crew)

May 15                         Afternoon: Stage Scene 20 and RUN-THROUGH (All Cast & Stage Crew)

May 16                         Afternoon: RUN-THROUGH (All Cast & Stage Crew)


May 20                        MORNING: Tech rehearsal (All Cast & Stage Crew)

                                   8:00-10:00AM (Costumes, Lighting, Notes, etc.)

                                   *Need parent volunteers

                         Afternoon: Run-through (All Cast & Stage Crew)


May 21                        Afternoon: Dress Rehearsal (All Cast & Stage Crew)

                                   *Need parent volunteers


May 22                        9:45AM Grades K-5

                                   *Need parent volunteers


May 23                        PERFORMANCE:  6:00PM Friends & Family

                                   *Need parent volunteers


May 30                        PERFORMANCE:  9:30AM Senior Citizens

                                   *Need parent volunteers