Exploring Family and Consumer Science with Charlene Calise, M.Ed.

“Everything that is involved in day-to-day living is a part of Family and Consumer Sciences education and I am very excited about helping others to live better." - Charlene Calise, M.ED. 

Welcome to Lakeside Junior High, 

This exploratory 7th & 8th grade semester course is to assist students in making informed decisions regarding their future academic and occupational goals and to provide information regarding careers in the various career clusters.  This semester we will study fashion and sewing concepts, housing and interior design concepts, personal finance, healthy relationships to include leadership skills and  positive personal relationships, basic food preparation skills and nutrition, etiquette, and early childhood care.  

This is a project based  class  with required multiple projects to demonstrate mastery.   No alternative projects will  be assigned

There is a Class Supply Fee of $12 for the purchase of all materials for the students apron project  and their pj pants pattern.

Additional student supplies will need  to be purchased by each student to complete their  pj pants project (e.g.:fabric, thread and elastic) 

How students will ELEVATE/ earn their grade: 

                                PARTICIPATION = 25%                                     PROJECTS = 50%                               PORTFOLIO (binder)= 25%  



           One 1 1/2” binder with Notebook Paper (100 sheet package)

            6 subject dividers

           3 hole binder tool pouch

           #2 pencils with erasers

            Handheld pencil sharpener

            Ink pens (black or blue ink only)

            3 large glue sticks

             $12.00 Class Supply Fee       - Make checks payable to Lakeside Junior High .     The supply fee is due the second Friday of the semester class.  



FCCLA                                         http://www.fcclainc.org/

FLORIDA  FCCLA                        http://www.flfccla.org/


I am looking forward to an exciting fun filled semester,

                                                                                     Charlene Calise, M.Ed.