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           Callen Murrow graduated from John T. Hoggard High school in 2007. Immediately after high school she began her educational journey at Cape Fear Community College. At Cape Fear she was only able to attend school part time; in May of 2011 she graduated from Cape fear Community College with an Associates of Arts degree. Callen Murrow was then accepted to UNCW for summer classes starting in May 2011. She began summer classes to get a head start on her bachelor’s degree in elementary education. She is now in her 2nd semester at UNCW continuing her education degree with a minor in Psychology. She hopes to graduate in May of 2013 then continue on to graduate school. Over the years Callen has had experience with children in classroom setting through field experience at Codington Elementary, which is a year-round school. Also over the years Callen has volunteered at the local Brigade Boys and Girls club and been involved in their “Big Buddy” program.
As for her professional goals she aspires to achieve a bachelor’s degree in Elementary education with a minor in Psychology. Then to further her education she would like to obtain a Master’s degree in communication or social work. Finally one of her main goals is to finish school with a Doctorate in a field that is unknown at the moment. From a job stand point she wishes to acquire a job in local university or even a kindergarten class room.

      My philosophy on teaching is that I feel that it is my responsibility not only to me, but to every student that walks into my class room, to help each student realize they have the potential to do anything they want to in life. I feel as a teacher I owe it to my students to provide the latest technologies, resources and materials to help them achieve not only their highest academic goals but also life goals they also set for themselves. It is also my responsibility to help each student feel like an individual and develop a sense of pride and love for themselves. Also to help students realize that their surroundings are just their surroundings and not what they have to be in life that they can transform into anything they want to be. This is a link to the Waston School of Education which I am currently attending. This Link is to the advising department at UNCW for anyone who would be interested in becoming a teacher or knowing what is required to be an educator. This is a link to the department that I am in. Here's a link to the UNCW website Here's a link to all the degree information at UNCW for educators. Here is a fun & FREE website to help your students or children with math. This link is a fun & free website for educational games for you and your students or children.

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