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Benefits Of EViews

What Are The EViews?

EViews or Econometric views is a powerful statistical tool used to interpret and evaluate financial outcomes. Developed by quantitative micro software, this program is supported on Windows and Mac operating systems.

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Benefits Of EViews That Students Should Know -

Some of the advantages of the EViews software are described below with a brief description, making it a popular econometric analysis tool:

  • EViews can be run with the support of a menu-drive GUI and by coding the smaller programs that use this tool.

  • Writing programs in EViews is primary, so the effort is reduced.

  • The data stored in the tool depends entirely on the format of the file that is owned and not recorded, supporting a wide variety of formats for processing input and output data.

  • EVews can also easily gain access to the open accessibility of the database (ODBC).

  • Database format, Excel formats, RATS, SPSS, SAS, and TSP are the primary and widely used file formats that support this method.

EViews is a common statistical package widely used in econometrics. The best feature of this tool is the use of database and spreadsheet technology combined with general programming software. In addition, in Windows OS, it uses graphical user interface tools. In programming language with object-oriented output, this process is practiced as an input. It is used to systematically examine the statistical aspects and to perform econometric analysis.