Kamerasimfocus presents the Most Up-to-date and the best SLR Digitalkamera Test 2018

Kamerasimfocus is by processing it through many camera tests, an official site which dedicates its viewers with a critique on the digicam. Digital cameras are evaluated by the reviewers of the website at the SLT camera evaluation and compact camera evaluation. Additionally, from the guides provided, they provide a great deal of background information and tips about shooting pictures and shooting the perfect photo angle.


Canon EOS 70D SLR has earned a place in the list of the best SLR Digital camera evaluation 2018. This unit may be the successor to the EOS 60D. Among other things, a new image sensor, Canon has upgraded and contributed, in the apparatus. At the core of Canon EOS 70D SLR digital camera is your newly developed 22.5 × 15.0mm CMOS detector. It's 40.3 million photo diodes. They're useful for focusing in live view style in addition to during videorecording. For shooting photos 20 million pixels are all available as a resolution. For the first time, the 18 million pixel markers has been cracked by Canon at the aps c range.


The Canon EOS 6D SLR is not much behind with a rating of 93 percent, this camera gets the benefit of a SLR camera. It offers different lenses as a set and leaves a great impression with the sensor and a resolution of 20 mega-pixels that delivers good images. The Canon EOS-6D can be a full-frame spiegelreflexkamera for professionals and beginners and also will execute a balancing action.

The Canon EOS 70D has an overall rating of 89 percent. This SLR camera has picture quality's advantage and is the successor to the EOS 60D. It even comes with intuitive performance and functions, many modes, housing protection against grime and dust, and also a 3-inch display touchscreen.