Mrs. Campbell's Looping Class


A Peek At the Week



Mrs. Campbell’s Second Grade Class         

December 3-7

We will visit the Santa Sale on Wednesday the 5th and Friday the 7th.  If you would like your child to go, please send money on those days.


This week we will continue unit 6 called “Many States, One Country”.  Your child will be practicing spatial thinking skills by interpreting maps and answering questions about locations of places.  Students will apply skills and create maps of their own bedroom.  Students will continue to learn about the fifty states and their locations.  As an extension, students will choose a state to research and write a paragraph about it during writing workshop.  Their paragraph should include a topic sentence, at least three details, and a concluding sentence.



  •  Please help your child manage their daily To Do List by having them read it and complete the tasks.
  • Please save and send in Box Tops.



Spelling Words

This week we will focus on the oom and ew spelling patterns

Please practice these words with your child at home.

bloom, broom, zoom, flew, grew, threw, four, river, group, museum



Sight Words


Please help your child practice their sight words.


laugh, someone, under, six, give, almost, own, use, small, girl


Test 12-7-12



Learning Targets


We will identify and decode words with common spelling patterns.

We can tell the main idea and details of a text.

We can read information in charts, diagrams, graphs, or maps.



We can use organizers to plan writing.

We can develop a main idea and details for an informational writing piece.



We write and solve word problems with P, N, D, Q.

We can use addition strategies to solve one step word problems.

We can identify odd and even numbers.

We can read and use thermometers.


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