Ms. Campbell's Literacy Classroom Website

Welcome,students,to our classroom website!

I hope that you are as excited as I am about the 2018-2019 school year! This website is going to be very beneficial to you all because it  provides information about our class. Additionally, there are links on this website that will help you sharpen your Literacy skills! It's also a chance for you all to utilize your technology skills! 


Important Rules and Classroom Procedures

  • Homework: You get one free pass for a homework assignment for the school year(this does not include project-related assignments). You can choose to use this at any time throughout the school year, and if you forget your homework after using your free pass, you will be assigned detention. 


  • Classroom folders: Each student will have a classroom folder that will remain in the classroom. This is where you will keep your classwork until it is to be turned in. You are responsible for making sure that you put your classwork into your folder each day and putting it into the correct crate based on which group you belong to(groups one, two, or three). 


  • Make up work: Each student will be responsible for collecting his/her work after missing school. The hanging folders by the classroom door will contain your missing assignment(or explanation of an assignment) with your name on it, and you will be responsible for getting this assignment out of your group folder. How ever many days you missed is how many days you will have to make up the assignment(s); for example, if you miss two days of school, you will have two days to make up your work. 


  • Checking out books from my library: If you would like to borrow a book from my classroom library, then you will need to fill out the library form on the clipboard that is located near the library shelves(usually it is sitting on top of the chromebook cart). If you notice that the library form needs to be replaced because it is almost full, please let me know so that I can make more copies. 


  • Rules for getting out of your seat and raising your hand:  1. You do NOT have to raise your hand to do the following:  getting a tissue, sharpening your pencil, getting/putting up your classroom folder, getting a parts of speech packet to help with Daily Grammar, getting/putting up your chromebook, getting a reading log, or turning in an assignment. 2. You DO have to raise your hand to do the following: coming up to my desk, going to another student's desk(if you have a justifiable reason), leaving the classroom(or it is considered skipping class). You also MUST SIGN OUT before leaving class. There is a form that is located on the door that you fill out when you leave class. 


  • Chromebooks-YOU are responsible each day for making sure that your chromebook is charged so that you can use it the next day. DO NOT unplug someone elses's chromebooks and use his/her cord. I know that some of the cords do not word, so make sure that your chromebook lights up before you leave for the day. 


Here are some links that we will be using throughout the school year(feel free to click on them and explore!):


I look forward to experiencing a wonderful school year with all of you! 

Ms. Campbell smiley