Calendar Time


During Calendar Time, these are the things we do:


1.  Sing along to the Days of the Week Song -


2.  Sing along to the Months of the Year Song -


3.  Count to 100 by 1s and 10s -



4.  Look at a calendar and say what day and date today is, what day and date tomorrow will be, and what day and date yesterday was.  


5.  Students can create patterns using any objects at home.  We have explored ABC, ABB, AAB, ABAB.  

For example:  

ABC - frog, duck, goat, frog, duck, goat

ABB - frog, duck, duck, frog, duck, duck

AAB - frog, frog, duck, frog, frog, duck

ABAB - frog, duck, frog, duck