Here are some suggestions for Reading:


1.  You could drive to the food distribution site (Sierra Vista High School) and pick up a physical packet labeled K-2 and complete the Kindergarten Reading and Writing pages.



2.  You could visit and click on Student Learning Extension Activities.  Then click on Week 8.  Then find the packet labeled K-2 and complete the Kindergarten Reading and Writing pages.  This online packet is the same packet handed out at food distribution sites.



3.  Your children could finish reading the Sam books:



4.  Your child could work on Lexia at home.  Try to get through level 5 by the end of the year.  Some students are well past level 5!  Way to go!



5.  These were the books I was going to read each week for the remainder of the year as part of my whole group reading lessons. I focus on one story a week and do some comprehension exercises each day with the story.  If you do not have the physical copy of the book, you could always listen to each story on you tube.  Scroll down under the titles to see the daily comprehension and writing activities your child can do.


Tops and Bottoms: (3/16/20)


Hey Little Ant: (3/23/20)


The Easter Bunny's Assistant:  (3/30/20)


Chicken's Aren't The Only Ones: (4/13/20)


The Watermelon Seed: (4/20/20)


The Giving Tree: (4/27/20)


A Sick Day for Amos: (5/4/20)


How I Became a Pirate: (5/11/20)


Mondays:  They can make predictions.  Read or listen to half of the story and then stop and have them write, "I predict that ________________ because _________________."  Then continue the story after they write and see if their prediction was true or if the author surprised them.


Tuesdays:  Your child can retell the sequence of important events using transition words first, then, next, last.  They could also retell you the story by filling in this sentence frame:  Somebody...Wanted...But then...So...

For example:  Pinkalicous wanted to eat pink cupcakes all day long.  But then she turned pink.  So her mom took her to the doctor and he told Pinkalicous to eat lots of green vegetables so she could turn back to normal.  She did exactly that and was back to herself in no time.


Wednesdays:  Your child can compare and contrast 2 story characters.  ________ and _____ are the same because OR _______ and _______ are different because _________.


Thursdays:  Your child could describe the setting of the story OR the problem and the solution in the story.


Fridays:  Your child could write about their favorite part:  My favorite part was _________________ because ____________.



6.  You can access for free.  Use the access code SCHOOL5651.



7.  You can access Many activities are free; however some are limited without a membership.



8.  Online Read Alouds with Comprehension as well as Family Fun Activities Related to the Story:


Mice Twice:


Hey That's My Monster:


Clark the Shark:


Strega Nona:


Please Please the Bees: