Here are suggested math resources:


1.  You could drive to the food distribution site (Sierra Vista High School) and ask for a K-2 packet and complete the Kindergarten Math pages.



2.  You could visit and click on Student Learning Extension Activities.  Then click on Week 8 and then find the packet labeled K-2.  Complete the Kindergarten Math pages.  This online packet is the same packet handed out at food distribution sites.



3.  You could visit the links below for Common Core math sheets.  These could also be printed.



4.  I enrolled each of your children in Khan Academy.  It is an online math program.  I gave them their own usernames and passwords.  


Use the class code:  2RPX53GC


Each student's username is their first and last name with no spaces and all lowercase.  For example, my username would be:  constancecampbell


Each student's password is their entire first name then initial of last name.68. For example, my password would be:  constancec.68


I have never used this website before, but it is free and I know other teacher's at our school have used it in the past.  Try it and tell me what you think.  Hope it works.



5.  For math facts fluency practice, visit the following website:


enter your child's pin number that I emailed to all parents on Thursday 3/26/20.  If you can't find that email or lost your child's pin number please email be and I would be happy to give it to you again.  When you click on the link, follow these directions:

1.  Click log in

2.  Click "student"

3.  Type my email address:

4.  Type your child's first name and last initial followed by a dot:  Constance C.

5.  Type in your child's pin number



6.  Class Hero Math Program - I have assigned students various skills in this program such as adding, subtracting, place value, word problems, geometry, and measurement.

1.  Go to

2.  Log in as a student

3.  Click K-5 Backup Login

4.  Type your child's username and password (please email me if you don't know it)

5.  Click on a program called Class Hero