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My name is Ms. Shakeena Campbell and I am a teacher. This website is designed to be a resource for parents and students.



Snowden School Seventh Grade Social Studies Syllabus 2009-2010         

I have included a list of general rules and procedures for my classroom.  Please sign to acknowledge that you have read and understand these procedures.  Because a good learning experience is built on a cooperative effort between parent, child, and teacher, I need your support this year in order to provide the best learning opportunities possible at Snowden School.  My door is always open to you.  Feel free to let me know of any concerns you may have throughout the school year.  I can be reached at 416-4621, and ask for my extension.  My email address is  I look forward to working with you and your child. 
Course Description The seventh graders will learn about the world around them.  They will do this by studying locations of various landforms and places around the world. Students will also be challenged to discover why the people of the world behave the way they do.  We will look as events that happened and conclude why they happened and look within ourselves to make sure they never happen again.   
Classroom Rules
1.  Follow directions at all times.
2.  Raise your hands to ask permission to talk or leave your seat.
3.  Come to class prepared with all necessary supplies and homework.
4.  Respect yourself and the personal space, rights, and property of others.
5.  Always do your best.
6. Be in your seat and ready for the bellwork when teacher enters the room.
7. No food, drinks, gum, or bad attitudes allowed in the classroom. LEAVE THEM OUTSIDE!
8. Listen and not talk while others are speaking.
9. Follow Snowden Rules. 
1. When classes have transitioned and the last person is in, it is time for class to begin.  Each student should be in his or her assigned seat.  There will be questions for all students to answer on the overhead.  This will serve as bellwork.
2. When a student has a question, he/she should raise his/her hand. I cannot answer several questions at once, nor tolerate outbursts
3. Noise level is to be watched by the students.  In the class a stop light for noise control is used.
                  Red= No noise                  Yellow=Low Tones                  Green= Whole Class
4. When I need the attention of the entire class, I will say “Give me a Snowden Five”.  This is a counting mechanism where at the countdown of students should silently:    
                     1.      Eyes on the speaker
          2.      Be quiet
          3.      Be still
          4.      Hands free ( Put everything down)
          5.      Listen
5. Students should always give five to the speaker on the intercom in the mornings, afternoons and interruptions.  Announcements made over the intercom are important and should be heard by the entire class.
6.When there is an alarm that sounds (example fire drill) students will become serious and not play.  No student should make a sound or move before getting directions from the teacher. Misbehavior during a fire drill could result in a trip to the office.
7.  There will never be a reason to run in the classroom. Students will walk at all times.
8. Students are expected to have a pencil and pen (blue or black), paper, agenda books, and textbooks.
9. Students should head their papers in this fashion: Right of paper
           1.      Name
           2.      Date
           3.      Period
           4.      Assignment
10. Students will keep any trash at their seat and put it in the garbage can as they leave the room.  Do not pitch, toss, or shoot trash in the garbage.
11. Students will go to the restroom only when instruction is not taking place, the class must be involved in classwork.  For this reason students should take advantage of restroom breaks.  Repeat offenders will not be allowed to leave the class.  
12.   Students must receive permission from the teacher to leave the room at all times.
13. To sharpen a pencil or to get tissue, students must have permission and signal the teacher as quietly as possible.
14. I will be glad to speak with any student concerning material covered in class, make-up work, grades, homework etc, after school any afternoon.  Students should never hesitate to ask questions, I am here to help all students!
15. I will send home a progress report to communicate academics on a weekly basis.
16. When extra credit is offered, I encourage all students to take advantage of the opportunity.
17. Before dismissal, all students must clean around their area and make sure the chairs and desks are not out of place.  Rows that have complied with the room order will be dismissed; all rows out of compliance will be dismissed when the room is neat.
18. Students will go to lockers at the designated times.
19. Students are required to read during homeroom during PrimeTime.  This is Silent Reading after the morning announcements.
20.  When in the hallways and transitioning to the cafeteria, students need to keep voices low, walk to the right of the hallway, and should not engage in play.
21. The uniform policy is strictly enforced. (Navy, Black , Khaki Pants/Green, White, or Gray Shirts w/White undershirts) Young gentlemen shirt tails should be tucked inside pants with a belt.  Young ladies should only wear uniform colors and not accessorize with colored under shirts. Also young ladies should not show cleavage and wear too tight fitting clothes.  Any student violating the uniform policy may be asked to correct the problem at school to ensure acceptable uniforms are worn at Snowden!
Violation of the classroom procedures and rules will result in the lowering of the conduct grade. 
Grading Scale
A= 100 – 93
B= 92 – 85
C= 84 – 75
D= 74 – 70
F= 69 – below 
Class Participation=20%
Test/ Quizzes / Assessments/ Projects=50%
Homework / Classwork Assignments Homework is due on the specified due date.All homework is due at the start of class.  Homework received after papers have been collected will be considered late. 
Late WorkAny assignments turned in late will receive an automatic 20-point deduction on the first day it is late, an additional 20-point deduction on the second day, and will not be accepted after the second day.Any assignments not turned in will receive a grade of “0.”  
Make-Up PolicyStudents are responsible for obtaining any work missed due to an absence.All missed assignments are due 1 day after students return to class.Tests and quizzes can be made up on the specified make-up days, which will be announced in class.