About Me

My name is Ella B.B. Camp, The first B. initial in my name is my middle initial, which stands for Beatrice.  The second B. in my name stands for my maiden name, which was Brown.  I was born in the late 50's  January 15, 1958.  My parents were Ollie Tressie (Polk) Brown, and Tommie Brown all of Tarry, (Lincoln County) Arkansas.  I am the fifth child of eight children born to my parent.  Both my parents at this time are deceased.  They are just a sleep, awaiting until God calls us to meet in the sky, for Judgment Day.

I attended grade school in the mid-sixties.  After, that I attended the Star City, High School, there and graduated in 1976.  I was the second runner up for "Rocket Beauty Queen."  I moved to Little Rock the fall of 1976.  There I attended Capital City Business College as "Administrative Secretary."  After my college hours I worked for the State Employment Division in "Special Programming Department", for Mr. Tyrone Green, at the State Capital-Bldg. in Little Rock, Arkansas .  A year later I was hired at Westinghouse Lamp Division Plant, off Woodrow and Roosevelt Road near the State Fair Grounds.  I worked there for 21 years then the plant closed.  I decided next to start my own In-home Daycare Business.  I became registered through the Childcare Division for Children.  I loved my job.  At that time I had two grandchildren to babysit also.  At night I worked at USPS as a mail clerk, but I had no benefits for my two young children.  Then I got a job working for Alltel which had medical coverage.  Next, I decided to go back to College.  So, here I am at Pulaski Technical College.  A College which I love dearly and love my instructors.  They all try to help their students to achieve their goals.  I highly recommend UA Pulaski Technical College as a Career College to attend.