Week 6 PE Activities

PE- (optional)


Activity log- record your physical activity for the week


Field day events- Since we are not able to have our traditional field day this year, I thought it might be fun for you to compete from home. You can do one event or all of them. Email Mrs. Snell your results. 


Softball throw- throw a softball as far as you can and measure the distance.

Jump rope challenge- time yourself to see how long you can jump rope without messing up.

Hula hoop challenge- time yourself to see how long you can hula hoop without messing up.

Mile Run- run 1 mile and record your time.

50 yard dash- measure out 50 yards and have someone time you.

Basketball free throw challenge- see how many free throws you can make in 1 minute.

Egg toss (partner up with someone in your house)- start 3 feet apart. toss the egg to your partner. Take a step back every time you catch the egg and count out loud. when you drop the egg you are done. How many times did you catch the egg before dropping it?



Click HERE for the log Mrs. Snell would like for you to fill out this week.