Students have homework every night, with the exception of weekends. Please check your child's Agenda Book daily.  Students are responsible for copying their homework and getting a teacher signature daily. My signature lets parents know that homework is written correctly.

Reminder: Late Homework is not accepted. Please do not ask us to make exceptions to this rule. Please turn in your homework on time so you are prepared for quizzes, tests, and other assessments.

Homework Every Night

Read for a minimum 20 minutes

Complete Reading Log

Calendar Math

Study Spelling Unit 9 (Click on the spelling link above)

Accelerated Math (When no other math is given)

If your child is having trouble remembering what homework to complete nightly, please make sure your child writes in his or her Agenda Book. All students are instructed to and are given time to write homework down every day. If students bring their Agenda Books to me, I will sign and verify that all homework has been written correctly. Parents may also sign to verify that all homework assignments have been completed.

Check back daily for current homework assignments.