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Eastampton Community School Kindergarten Home Study

Please continue to help your child visit this ECS Kindergarten Home Study webpage to practice skills on a regular basis during the school week.

Click on the links below to view the learning resource then use your browser's back button to return to this page.   


Requirements for each school week:

1. Send your teacher at least two examples of completed Language Arts schoolwork. (writing, word work, letter practice, reading response) 

2. Send your teacher at least two examples of Math work.


Please see your teacher's directions for how to send the required student work.   


Mr. Moore Science Videos!

ECS Kindergarten Teachers  

Mr. Moore, Mrs. Corn, Ms. Hutchison, Ms. Bonomo, Mrs. F. Smith and Ms. Leusner


ECS Kindergarten Home Study March 30 to April 12

ECS Kindergarten Home Study April 20 to May 1

ECS Kindergarten Home Study May 4 to May 14

ECS Kindergarten Home Study May 18 to May 29

ECS Kindergarten Home Study June 2 to June 8


Kindergarten Sight Words / Popcorn Words

I can see the we
a like to and go
you do my are he
with is little she was
for have of they said
want here me this what
help too has play look
where good who  come does


SPECIALS Classes Please click here   

Participation in Special Area classes is encouraged.  Please try to visit the Special Classes website once a week.


Mr. Glavin GYM Class

Mr. Glavin Remote Learning


At Home Gym Activities

April Elementary Mind and Body Calenda


Mrs. J. Smith Music Class


"Down Bay" from Mrs. Smith 

and family   


Technology Class

 Mrs. Lucarelli

Mrs. Lucarelli's Website


Pebble Go



STEM Class

Mr. Martino


Mr. Martino's website


Ms. Mark's Art Class WEBSITE 

Google Classroom: CODE zet5lap

Toy Theater


 Scrap Coloring


Mrs. Dennler's Library Class  Mrs. Dennler Home Learning 

Pebble GO


password: school


username: etsd

password: library


Encyclopedia Britannica


password: valley


 Facts 4 Me

username: read

password: read               


Movement Mat download

Can you find? download Home Scavenger Hunt download Short Vowel Poems download

FIND Kindergarten writing paper download


June 10th to June 17th, 2020 

Last Days of KINDERGARTEN Optional Activities


1.  Using any materials you have at home create a sign that says “My Last Day of Kindergarten” Pretend you are actually at school and wear the outfit you would have worn to school! Send a photo to your teacher!


2. Pick a flower or any object outside and use the petals to write an addition or subtraction sentence.


3. Create a memory book explaining your favorite special, subject, and memory from kindergarten!

Optinal Template for Kindergarten Memory page


4. Read the book below "I Can Read!"

I can read!  

5. Go outside and go on a shape scavenger hunt!


6. Use a ball to bounce your way up to the number 100!


7. Use any cards you have at home to play a math card game!


8. Create a Father’s Day card to any father figure in your life!

Optional Fathers Day Template

9. Write a letter to an incoming Kindergarten student to tell them how they can be successful next year!


10, Use sidewalk chalk to write a sentence about something you are going to do over the summer! Underline all of the sight words you use!


11. Send your teacher a photo of you wearing your favorite tee shirt!


12. What do you want to be when you grow up? Dress up and send me a photo to your teacher!


13. Pick your favorite number between 0-100. Write the number and draw tens and one blocks to show it!

14, Using any object inside or outside of your house spell out your first and last name!





Book "The Last Day of Kindergarten" 



Book "Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the Last Day of Kindergarten"  

Book "Oh the Places You'll Go!"

Book "The Night Before First Grade"


Name Song Maya Angelou

Song "What I am"

Song "Celebrate"

Song "Fight Song"






Learning Songs!

Letters and Sounds       


Make a Rhyme

Letter Sounds Sign Language

Let's Make Words

What do you want to be?

Count by 10's 

Who Let the Letters Out?

Never Eat Soggy Waffles

Unicorn Noodles

Learning Letter Sounds




Let's Make Words

What Letter is it?

Letter U



Short Vowels

Leapfrog: Talking Word Machine

Words ending in T

Short / Long Time

Fly in My Soup








Brain Break! 


Fight Song

Pizza Man

KidzBop Shuffle

Boom Chicka Boom

Old Town Road

Shake your Sillies Out


Baby Shark

Five Little Monkeys


Are your more like...?

Be Nice Dude

Call Me Maybe

It's Your Birthday


Can't Stop the Feeling

Roller Coaster

Moose on the Loose


Learning Websites!

Lakeshore Learning Free resources EdHelper Workbooks I-Ready workbooks Mystery Science
National Geographic Kids  PBS Kids Discovery Mindblown SanDiego Zoo
Audible Stories Heifer Interational  America's Test Kitchen Mo Willems Lunch Doodles
Hello Kids Art For Kids Go Noodle Starfall

ABC MOUSE Free Home Learning Access

Storytime from Space Storyline Online  



NASA Kids Club