Authors I to M

Authors I



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Authors K

Keats, Ezra Jack

The Snowy Day


Ketteman, Helen

Armidilly Chilly

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Kitamura, Satoshi

Me and My Cat


Knudsen, Michelle

Library Lion


Krauss, Ruth

The Carrot Seed



Authors L


Laden, Nina

Romeow and Drooliet

Landen, Nina

The Night I Followed the Dog

Leigh, C.J.

The Ninjabread Man

Lionni, Leo

Alexander and the wind up Mouse

Lionni, Leo


Lionni, Leo

Little Blue and Little Yellow

Lionni, Leo

It's Mine

Litwin, Eric

Pete the Cat Wheels on the Bus

Litwin, Eric

Pete the Cat I love my White Shoes

Litwin, Eric

Pete the Cat Rocking in my School Shoes

Litwin, Eric

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons


Lithgow, John

Marsupial Sue

Lithgow, John

I've Got Two Dogs

Lithgow, John

Marsupial Sue Presents The Runaway Pancake


London, Jonathan

Froggy Gets Dressed


London, Jonathan

Froggy Learns to Swim

Lopsshire, Robert

Put Me in the Zoo

Lowrey, Janette Sebring

The Pokey Little Puppy





Authors M

Martin, Bill Jr

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Martin, Bill Jr.

Knots on a Counting Rope

Mayer, Mercer

Just a Secret

Mayer, Mercer

I was so Mad

Mayer, Mercer

There is an Alligator Under my Bed

Meddaugh, Susan

Martha Blah Blah

McClosky, Robert

Make Way for Ducklings

McGhee, Alison

Countdown to Kindergarten

Miller, William

Rent Party Jazz

Milne, A.A.


Muldrow, Diane

How Do Penguins Play?

Munson, Derek

Enemy Pie


McGovern, Ann

Stone Soup

Muldrow, Diane

The Little Red Hen



Mosel, Arlene

Tikki Tikki Tembo


Munsch, Robert

Love You Forever

Murray, Laura

Gingerbread Man Loose in School