Grading Policy and Rules

Miss Canney- Sixth Grade Science

Grading Policies:
  • 50% Labs, Tests, and Projects
  • 30% Participation and Journal
  • 20% Homework and Daily Work
Guia de las Notas:
  • 50% Pruebas, proyectos, y laboratorio
  • 30% Reporte escrito de ciencias  y participación
  • 20% Trabajo diarios  y tarea
Late Work - Work that is late will have 25 points deducted from the grade per school day. After three school days a grade of 0 will be entered in the grade book.
Classroom Rules:
  1. Be on time, with materials, and ready to learn.
  2. Listen and follow directions*.
  3. Participate fully in all class activities.
  4. Respect property.
  5. Respect others.
* Inappropriate and unsafe Lab behavior will result in student receiving a "0" for that lab activity.*
  • Science Explorer, Texas Edition, Grade 6
  • Students are financially responsible for any loss or damage to their textbooks.
Please bring two sharpened #2 pencils, planner, map colors, and scissors to class every day.