Mrs. Pash's Classroom Homepage

Welcome parents and students!  This is the website you can come to to find up-to-date information on school activities, current topics we are learning about, and classroom news.  I will update this website at least every month.  Of course, you are always willing to contact me via phone or email- I recommend email.  If you want a call back, just let me know in the email!

Book orders are due next Monday, September 19th.  Remember you can order online (and the class gets a free book!) or by sending your paper order into class.  You can use credit cards online, which is easier for many parents.  There are always books for just $1, and that is a great, inexpensive way to expand your child's library at home.  Visit then enter the class activation code GVNJP.

Drink up!!  We have a water cooler in class.  This has been an excellent way to limit classroom interruptions for drinks.  Please make sure your child has a reusable water bottle to use daily.  Disposable water bottles are not allowed, except at lunchtime.  The students have been doing so well, I have allowed them to keep their bottles on their desks.

Mrs. Caldwell has been working with my classes for the past 3 years on sight words.  She is a retired educator who loves working with children and pushing them to reach new goals.  If your child hasn't reached 1,000 sight words yet, she will be working with them every week.  Make sure they are practicing at home.  Don't forget that these words make up nearly 65% of all common reading materials (like the newspaper and magazines).

Homework is given out weekly and will consist of spelling (which is at the students' individual spelling level), vocabulary, a reading log to record summaries of what they are reading each night, writing practice, and math.   If you have any questions or concerns about the homework, please contact me.  If your child seems to be spending too much time on their homework, let me know.

At Open House, I let everyone know that I am team teaching with another teacher.  Mrs. Dorr, also third grade, is just next door and will be teaching math and social studies to both of our classes.  She has recently come back to the classroom after being an ELL facilitator for four years.  She is an excellent teacher and prepared all of our ELL students for the CRT test in math last year.  The scores were fantastic, which is why I am confident that she will do amazing things with our kids this year!  I will be teaching science and writing for both of our classes.  I will be using my knowledge as a state writing scorer, as well as my background in writing (I have a BA in writing), to help our students work towards a passing score on their future proficiencies.  I also want to spark their love of writing, so we'll be doing some fun and creative things!  I happen to also love science and advised the school's Cozine Ecology Club last year.  I really enjoy using the outdoors as a source for learning, as well as getting students involved in community services.

Here are some upcoming events:
October 7-14:  Book Fair in the library
October 7:  "Grandma" Mallett coming to class to make bread with the students
October 19:  Cookie Dough Assembly (fund raiser)
October 27:  Staff Development- no school
October 28:  Nevada Day- no school
November 10:  Staff Development
November 11:  Veteran's Day
November 24-25:  No school
December 14:  Parent Conference Day
December 19- January 2:  Winter Break
January 23:  Staff Development
January 16: Martin Luther King Day (no school)
February 20:  Presidents' Day

Stories from Trophies:
September 19-23 Rocking and Rolling
September 26-30 The Stories Julian Tells
October 3-7 Ramona Forever
October 10-14 Pepita Talks Twice