Discipline Plan

Mrs. Applegate’s ClassClassroom Discipline Plan           In order to enforce the rules of our school and in the classroom, we want to inform you of our classroom discipline procedures and student expectations.  We use a system of rules, consequences, and rewards to motivate students to be responsible for their own behavior.  The following is a list of class rules, consequences, rewards, and conduct grading policy: 


1.       I will listen to and follow directions.2.     I will raise my hand and wait for permission to speak.3.     I will stay in my seat unless I have permission to do otherwise.4.     I will show respect to our classmates and all adults.5.     I will work quietly.6.     I will always do my best and turn in quality work.7.     I will come to class prepared. 



Conduct Grade / 4th Grade Discipline Plan            All students begin the 9 weeks with 100 points.  Loss of conduct points for infraction of classroom/school rules can occur from: stamps, action plans, and office referrals.  Students who lose conduct points during the week will not be allowed to participate in free time events. An explanation of each follows below.  After the progress report, the student starts over with 100 points for the rest of the nine weeks.  The student’s final conduct grade for each 9 weeks will be the average the student acquires before and after the progress report.   Stamps:Students will have individual conduct sheets.   The student will receive a stamp for infractions of class rules; the student will write the reason for receiving the stamp.  Each stamp received is two points off of the conduct grade.  The parent will receive a behavior report to sign and return the next day if a child signs the conduct book.  Examples of stamps will be for things such as talking excessively, not being on task, not having homework, etc.  Action Plan: For other conduct infractions or when the stamps are occurring on a regular basis, the student will write an action plan, for a loss of 5 conduct points.  It will be sent home for the parent to sign, and it will be returned the next day.  Please note that notes / action plans not returned to school the next day can result in the loss of additional points.  Habitual violation can lead to an office referral.  Automatic office referrals:Students will be referred to the office for serious offenses such as forgery, fighting, threats, bullying, etc.  A student may also be referred when he/she habitually breaks the classroom rules.  A student can lose up to 15 points from conduct grade for office referrals.  If a student is suspended for any reason, 25 points will be automatically deducted from the conduct grade.

MISSING HOMEWORK          Coming to school prepared is an integral part of being successful in 4th grade.  It plays a key role in assuming responsibility. Consequences:
  • The student will receive a stamp for a loss of 2 points on their conduct grade.
  • Missing work should be done at home. 
  • Students have 3 days to turn in work that is missed due to an absence.
  • On graded assignments, there is a loss of 10 points for each day that the assignment is late.  NO late work will be accepted after 3 days.
  • Too many missing assignments will be addressed with an action plan along with a loss of 5 points from their conduct grade.  Parents will be notified.
  • If the problem of missing homework continues, the student will be sent to the office of the Assistant Principal and will result in an automatic loss of 10 points from their conduct grade.
  • After parents have been notified and the student continues to present irresponsible work habits, the student may be referred to the Standards Committee or to the office for review. 
  • Students should be responsible and complete homework in a timely manner to avoid consequences.


          1. Positive notes sent home          2. Good Conduct Grade          3. Recognized with other students by our principal at the          end of the 9 weeks            4. Special treats/ rewards