2009 Social Studies Fair Winners

The Social Studies Fair      

The Social Studies Fair at Ceres Elementary had five projects and three judges the judged one Titanic and two Volcanoes. The people were excited about looking at the five Social Studies projects. The date for the Social Studies Fair for the county is February 20, 2009 when the people for the Social Studies Fair. The judge’s names were Kathy, Amy Vest, and one of them is a police officer named Chuck Tupper. Some of the judges that was judging was there first time and some the second.  

One person from Ceres will go to the Mercer Mall. If that person goes to Mercer Mall it will be on the date March 15-16, 2009. The names of the contestants were Brandon Green Ms. Ferguson class, Austin Profit in Ms. Lantern’s class, last but not least Nora Call, Kayla Cochran, and Shauna and Bethany Lynch in Mrs. Blankenship’s class.   

Shauna and Bethany Lynch wrote about their great grandfather who saved 42 lives. Kayla Cochran did her report about volcanos. Nora Call did her project on Indians. Brandon Green did his project on the Silver War. Alex and Austin did their report on the Titanic.