Class Policy

Fifth grade is a year of change for students at J.E.S.  Students move to a different wing of the school and are considered to be role models for the younger students.  The fifth grade teachers expect the students to act as such.  We strive to treat the students in an adult-like fashion to let them know that we realize they are getting older.

 In my classroom, students quickly learn that respect is very important to me.  On the first day, I communicate this to my students and insist that they realize that I will show them respect, but they must show me respect in return.  I take this very seriously.

If students choose to misbehave in class or act in a disrespectful manner, there are consequences.  Students are removed from the current activity and placed in a new seat, if they are being disruptive.   If that doesn't work, or if the student has misbehaved, he or she is given the punishment of walking at recess time.  The student is still getting physical activity, but is denied play time with his or her peers.  If circumstances continue to arise, a parent-teacher conference will take place.  The next step will be a child-principal conference that will result in either corporal punishment or suspension from school.

If assignments are not being completed and turned in and the appropriate time, students may be pulled from Library class (activity) for the last 15 minutes or referred to Zero Recovery.  This is an after-school program in which the student is mandated to stay and complete the missing assignments.  This is for the student's benefit so that he or she will not receive a zero.

Personally, I believe that all students have the capability to behave and think about their actions.  Actions have consequences and words hurt.  When students stop to think about what they are doing and the effects of what they are doing, they can make a conscientious decision to stop.


Grading Policy for J.E.S.

Formative Assessments (daily work)- 40%

Summative Assessments (tests)- 60%