9/3-  Finish self-portrait.  Assignment will be collected for a grade.

9/9-  Study vocabulary words for quiz on Thursday.

9/22- Chapter 2 quiz

9/29- Study for Chapter 3 Quiz and Unit 1 test

10/5- Quiz Chapter 3

10/7- Unit 1 Test

10/11-Family Tree due

10/22-Quiz Chapter 4

11/11-Quiz Chapter 5

11/8 thru 11/12 -Beatitudes

11/8-Pick a Saint Project due

2/14- Chapter 12 review due

       -study for chapter 12 test

        -unit review due Tuesday

2/15 Chapter 12 test

        Unit review due 

2/25 Chapter 13 test, students were given the words on 2/18.

         Worksheet 13 due

         Chapter 13 review due

         Grades Close

2/28 3rd marking period begins

        Starting chapter 14; 

3/1  Letter due, return any and all signed graded papers

3/2-3/4  Return graded papers signed and assigned homework

3/4 Test on Chapter 14; Chapter 14 review, p. 203, worksheet 14 are due.

3/11 Test on Chapter 15

3/15 Start "Growing in Love" series.

3/18  Quiz on chapter 1; 7 vocabulary words and 1 random question.(Did not take place due to assembly)

3/24 Chapter 1 and 2 worksheets due 

3/25 Quiz on Chapters 1 and 2. 

3/28 This week we will be attending Stations of the Cross and the students have the option to go to confession. Standardize practice         test will be given and there will be no school for the students on Friday.

4/4 Students will continue with Chapters 3 and 4 this week. Quiz will be next Tuesday. Worksheets will be given to students on Wednesday and will be due on Monday.  

 4/11 Students will review on Monday for a quiz on Chapters 3 and 4 on Tuesday. We will try to complete chapter 5 before Easter break.

5/2 Welcome back!! This week students will review chapters 5-7 read before break. One test will be administered the week of 5/9. 

5/9 Students will take a test this week to complete our textbook. We will then resume our Call to Faith textbook.

5/16Students will complete chapter 16 and begin chapter 17. This unit discusses their mission in the Catholic church.