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Tutoring, HW help, & Test Prep

"Education is not the answer to the question. Education is the means to the answer to all questions."
-- William Allin

If your child is struggling, I can be of assitance as a tutor in the following subject areas:

Tutor for grades K-8 all subjects

Tutor for grades K-8 in math, and High School Algebra.

Tutor for High School entrance exams- Students who intend on applying to City Honors, Hutch Tech, or any Catholic or Private High School, will be expected to be successful on a High School entrance exam. The topics on this exam are various math and ELA standards. If your child is struggling or just needs a little more assistance in being confident that they will be successful on their entrance exam, getting them a tutor will be in their favor. Some students need a good entrance exam score in order to be considered at all. High Schools that so many childrent are trying to get into are very competitive. If your child is prepared with the right skills, then they will be ready for this challenge.


Experience--> I have been an educator for 5 years, since 2007. My students have all proved to be highly successful on their State Assessments every year. (In math, my students have had between 80%-96% of them passing the assessment.) I have grown students in their knowledge level an average of 3 years in 1 one year who have come below grade-level to my class. Besides having experience in the classroom being a teacher, I also have experience in tutoring students. I have worked as an after school tutor with Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo for 4 years, helping students with their HW and preparing other lessons in order for them to be more successful. I have also taught summer school for the past 4 years as well. During the program I have had students from both spectrums, either being very low and needing to catch up to their grade level, or already high and needing to be more challenged. I have also tutored for the Algebra Regents Exam for High School Students. One of my students could not pass the Algebra Exam even after trying 5 times, and after I tutored her for 4 months, she passed the exam.

Any questions or inquiries please email me at

Get 2 Months for $5!