In November 2012 we..........................

Experienced the daily lives of the ancient Greeks and wrote a secret message the Spartan way!” – Armando


 “Read a fun story about the Pilgrims”  -Giorgia


“Discovered the differences between the  1° and 2° Conditional.” Matidle


“Closed our Eyes and Visualized ! “ fun with forms of descriptive writing. Bruno

To Parents,
•Your child had a wonderfully productive month. Applying various forms of grammar and writing skills with oral presentations contributed to our fun and exciting learning environment. We also read a detailed story pertaining to the courage of the Pilgrims and discussed how being true to our beliefs can move us to accomplish incredible things. Please encourage your child to share with you some of the wonderful things they discovered this month. 
•If you plan to be out of school prior to the holidays, please let me know via e-mail as soon as possible.
•Remember, during the holidays your child is encouraged to keep their journals up to date. We will share our holiday experience together in January.


Thanks again for your support. – Carl