Dear Students,

My names is Carl Cardenas and I will be your 5th grade teacher this year. Together we will learn, discover and experience many new and exciting things. Our year will be filled with many challenges. I will provide you with all the tools necessary to succeed. In return, you will need to bring your enthusiasm, desire to participate, and respect for our learning environment  so that we can meet each of these challenges together.

I am very excited to be working with each of you this year and I know that together, The Sky is Our Limit!


Dear Parents,

I will be your child’s teacher this new school year. I have been a professional teacher for 5 years  and I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in my field. With this, I am also passionate about providing structured, enjoyable learning environment as well as the benefits of hard work. I will bring all of these passions to the classroom

 We have a very busy year ahead. Your child will face many exciting challenges. With each new day they will be expanding their knowledge and learning new skills. I will provide them with the tools necessary to succeed. They will need  to bring a positive attitude and a desire to learn. Every minute in our class this year will be important  as well as your full support at home. With our intense schedule combined with a dynamic group of students, I know we will have a productive year. 

Our theme this year is The Sky is the Limit. Together, let us make it so! 



Carl Cardenas