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“Acquisition requires meaningful interaction in the target language – natural communication – in which speakers are concerned not with the form of their utterances but with the messages they are conveying and understanding.”-Stephen Krashen

ELL Student Resources

Reading Writing ALphabet, phonics, and reading paractice and grammar exercises stories and activities grammar exercises quizes, vocabulary, reading & more reading, verbs, vocabulary and grammar exercises and vocabulary quizes     fun esl review site     grammar exercises and activities! multiple choice quizzes and games     vocabulary games and activities     alphabet activities bilingual books and products + free lesson plans  games for the ABC's, rhyming, beginning sounds and more! celebrities read stories along with an animation of the story. Some stories are from different cultural backgrounds. There are also lesson plans and games that correspond to the stories.      incredible site where stories are read by famous actors. I have used this in teaching cause and effect with my students, provides a great visual aid for any learner             Fun reading activities and games practice writing basic shapes and letters     interactive game for letter writing

Speaking Listening songs  huge collection of popular  videos of each book with it's own little song Listening to videos, vocabulary building and online games      incredible site where stories are read by famous actors. I have used this in teaching cause and effect with my students, provides a great visual aid for any learner, listening practice and more songs, listening practice, videos, fairytales and stories     great songs to learn colors     this is a great website for listening vocabulary activities     speaking, teacher, parent . vocab flashcards     parents, teachers and students listen and respond to lessons, video tutor, games, printables prek-8




ELL Teacher and Parent Resources

ESL Lessons & Resources WIDA home page ISBE site TESOL home page English and Spanish resources lesson plans, teaching tips and resources many websites lessons and resources game ideas     takes you to the EFL playhouse for

educational games, songs, fingerplays, action rhymes, craft ideas,

printable materials, tongue twisters


ESL Handouts, Flashcards & More printables (flashcards, games, worksheets) sets come in 3 different sizes flashcards, worksheets, songs, games flashcards, games, conversation questions flashcards and ideas lessons, flashcards, games, songs, lessons, flashcards, phonics reading worksheets and lessons! grammar, quizes, vocabulary & more


Spanish Resources

Spanish Teacher Resources activities  and resources lessons, PP, worksheets & more - many resources! - shared activities many links!


Spanish Activities, Flashcards & More vocabulary and phrases flashcard practice tests! pronunciation, grammar & more games, audio and tutorials primary games flashcards (audio and print) games w/ audio