Breaking the Code

In the past, vocabulary has been one of students' weakest areas. So this year, we are using a new strategy to help improve the student's vocabulary. At the beginning of each class, we discuss a new math term by identifying and saying its sounds, syllables, synonyms, and definitions.

Interactive Activities for each part of Break the Code!

Sounds - I will say the sound and the students play copycat by repeating each sound exactly how I have said them.

Syllables - We clap and slap the different syllables in a word. (e.g. product is pro-duct which is a "slap and clap")

Synonyms - We read and identify the synonyms that relate to the word being used.

Definition - We discuss the meaning of the word in relation to a math skill.

(This occurs on a daily basis in my classroom. It is just one of the many ways that we are trying to reach the gap between what a student knows and does not know in relation to math vocabulary.)