October 4-8, 2010

Nine Weeks Exam Week - (Study Guides went home on Friday, October 1, 2010)


1.a. Compare and order integers, decimals to the nearest thousandths, like and unlike fractions, and mixed numbers using >, <, and =. (DOK 1)

1.b. Compose and decompose seven-digit numbers and decimals through thousandths in word, standard, and expanded forms. (DOK 1)

1.f. Add, subtract, multiply, and divide (with and without remainders) using non-negative rational numbers. (DOK 1)

1.g. Estimate sums, differences, products, and quotients of non-negative rational numbers to include strategies such as front-end rounding, benchmark numbers, compatible numbers, and rounding. (DOK 2)

2.a. Determine the value of variables in equations and inequalities, justifying the process. (DOK 2)

2.b. Devise a rule for an input/output function table, describing it in words and symbols. (DOK 2)

2.c.1. Apply the properties of basic operations to solve problems: (DOK 2)• Zero property of multiplication; Commutative properties of addition and multiplication; Associative properties of addition and multiplication; Distributive properties of multiplication over addition and subtraction; Identity properties of addition and multiplication

2.d. Apply inverse operations of addition/subtraction and multiplication/division to problem-solving situations. (DOK 2)

Break the Code  words:

Monday - numeral

Tuesday - operation

Wednesday - justify

Thursday - objective

Friday - comprehend


Monday - Review w/s on Place Value

Tuesday - Review w/s on Operations and Properties

Wednesday - Review w/s on Equations and input/output tables

Thursday - Study for Nine weeks Test

Friday - No homework

Daily Calendar:

Monday - Review Place value, estimation, comparing/ordering numbers using Study Island.

Tuesday - Review operations, properties, input/output tables using Study Island.

Wednesday - Review equations and inverse operations using Study Island.

Thursday - District Assessment

Friday - Math Nine Weeks Exam