October 18-22, 2010

Weekly Objectives

1.c. Identify factors and multiples of whole numbers. (DOK 1)

1.d. Model and distinguish between prime and composite numbers. (DOK 1)

Vocabulary Words

1. prime - number with only 2 factors; 1 and itself

2. composite - number with more than two factors

3. factor - numbers that are multiplied to make a number

4. multiple - numbers that seen in multiplication facts; skip counting by a number

5. least common multiple - the lowest muliple that two numbers share

6. whole number - a number that is not a fraction or decimal

7. divisibility - refers to a way to determine if a number contains a certain factor


Monday - Drawing prime and composite numbers.

Tuesday - Identifying the least common multiple

Wednesday - none

Thursday - Identifying the greatest common factor

Break the Code words

Monday - divisibility

Tuesday - equivalent

Wednesday - average

Thursday - calculate

Friday - capacity

Daily Skill Calendar

Monday - The student will create prime and composite number diagrams.

Tuesday - The student will identify the multiples of a number as well as the least common multiple of a set of numbers.

Wednesday - Weekly Assessment

Thursday - The student will identify the factors of a number as well as the greatest common factor of a set of numbers.

Friday - MCT2 Test 2