Scott Foresman Reading Units Grade 4

Amelia and Eleanor Go For a Ride by Pam Munoz RyanU5W3Partner Read
Page #Partner APartner B
First half of p. 566   Read____Listen to A Read  the first half of pg. 566
Last half of p. 566____Listen to B Read the last half of pg. 566Read the last half of pg. 566
First half of p. 567Read___Listen to A Read ___Ask A What is happening at the same time Amelia is folding Eleanor’s scarf? How do you know?
Last half of p. 567___Listen to B.___ Ask B. How do other people react to Amelia and Eleanor? Would people today react the same way? Tell Why or why not.Read
p. 568Read___Listen to A read.___ Ask A to explain what the word brisk means in the first sentence.  ___Have A explain what elegant means in sentence 2.
Page #Partner APartner B
p. 569___Listen to B read.___Ask. Why do the guests react to Amelia’s words the way they do?___When Amelia begins talk about flying, the author writes that her eyes “sparkled.” What is the author trying to tell the reader? ___How do the other guests feel about Amelia’s flying experiences? What clues help you draw a conclusion about the guests?Read
p. 570Read___Listen to A read.___ Ask. Why do you think the Secret Service agents do not want Amelia and Eleanor to fly to Baltimore?
p.571___Listen to B read.___ How does the author help you visualize the sights seen from the airplane?Read 
p.572      Read___Listen___ Ask. Describe how Eleanor felt after the flight.
p.573   ___Listen___ Ask. Using context clues determine the meaning of hesitated on p. 573.Read 
Answer these questions together in the box to the right.The story begins with a dinner and an airplane ride and ends with a car ride and dessert.  Why do you think the author structures the story this way?        
In what ways does this story remind you of the other historical fiction you have read?        
 If finished early practice re-telling the story in the correct sequence.  Re-read p 571 slowly, starting with “Out the window….”  How does the author help you see the view of Washington D.C.?