About Me

Hey how are you guys? This is Rahim Carter known as Mr. Carter in the classroom. I'm going to guess that you are here to know a little bit about me. Well I am a Grand Canyon University allumni teaching Health and Physical Education to your child. I was orginally born in Riverside, California but I later moved to Dallas, Texas around the age of three or four. Growing up I have dreamed of making a positive impact on every single child. As your childs Teacher I feel it is my sole resposibility for your childs sucess and hapiness, I will offer them nothing but the best and what I would want for my own. When your student is in my classroom, they will get taught respect, equality, and fairness. I have a understanding every person on this earth is not the same. The same is in the classroom, not every single student will learn the same way,  and I can adjust. I will do my best to prepare your child for the future. 

"The best way to predict your future is to create it."  - Abraham Lincoln

Have Fun!