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Entry 1: Technology to Support Communication
The importance of teacher parent communication is underrated in the education system. Technology can be the tool used to fill in that gap. Technology has given parents options in order for them to be involved In their child’s life. “Many principals and teachers have studied and reported due to the lack of parent involvement students struggle.” (Neira 2018) A common solution to this problem has been a teacher website or a school website in which the parent can get directly involved. As a student when your parent is involved in your education it makes you feel like you have to do your work, and you have to learn. Communication should not be a problem with tools given to us by technology.

Technology to Enhance Communication

School Website

    A school website is the most broken down list of activities you are doing. Using the school website as a parent or student you will be given direct access to your teachers availability and their phone numbers and e-mail. School websites typically have a page where you can directly mail your students teacher with any questions. School websites also creates a staff list with all of the teachers, just by clicking on the name of the teachers you can see his/her availability and /or meeting times.

Remind app

The remind app is a great tool for students to message their teachers via text. Most of the teachers that use remind app connect it to their cell phone, which means most students will be giving the teacher’s personal phone a direct buzz. The remind app is the safest and one of the quickest apps to get ahold of your teach.

Student Portal

A student portal gives parents access to their kids grades. Using the student portal gives parents a breakdown of every assignment that child has or has not done. Many student portals include a private forum for the Teacher and parent to communicate with. 
Communication Internet Security and Safety
Internet security is one of those things educators should enforce now. With the abundance of technology in the world today, it will be hard to find a child without a tablet, phone, or computer. There are many scammers in this world and even people that are grown and wise fall for their trick. Teaching children how to protect themselves from such thieves would be an honor. Children should learn from a young age not to give out any personal information, to a random person or ad on the internet.
Technology can be a positive for future generations in the education system. We as educators should feel responsible for what our children put out on the internet for the whole world to see. Technology can be a fun environment but one little thing can ruin It for everybody. Using these advancements to spread knowledge and to keep a child interested in learning should always be the goal. Children should learn to spread positivity and cherish every moment they have using technology.

"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb

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