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Students please remember you will need a t-shirt, shorts and tennis shoes everyday you have PE.  Please dress accordingly for the weather.  Students are allowed to wear sweatshirts and sweatpants as needed!

** Please remember to wear appropriate gym clothes and shoes each day for class and be sure to dress according to the weather. **
  • Planning      9:05-9:55

  • Home room    10:00-10:55

  • 7th Grade   11:00-11:55

  • 6th Grade   12:00-12:55

  • Lunch      1:10-1:55                   

  • 8th Grade   2:00-2:55


Daily Schedule

P.E. Weekly  Guide

Each unit will begin with basic skills of the activity to allow for competency at the recreational level. Towards the end of the unit depending on ability. Students will play games (if applicable).
Students will be reviewing previous sport units; with an emphasis on Basketball skills 10/30-12/11


      Coach Carter
Wk 1         Review
Wk 2         Raquet Sports
Wk 3         Health
Wk 4         Health
Wk 5         Basketball
Wk 6         Basketball
Wk 7                        soccer
Wk 8          fitness
Wk 9         Fitness


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Parent Letter

Our PE department strives to give opportunities for participation in a variety of team, individual, and recreational activities.  The development of and maintaining physical fitness will be stressed throughout our program.  The following policies are necessary for your child’s success in our program:

CHANGE OF CLOTHES:  Students must bring change of clothes (shirt, shorts, wind pants, sweat pants, proper shoes).  Athletic shoes are required.  Inappropriate footwear will result in a “0” for the day.

DRESS CODE:  Shorts must be at least mid-thigh in length.  Crew neck t-shirts must be free of inappropriate material.  No tank tops, sleeveless shirts are permitted.  Yoga pants, spandex pants/shorts or form fitted clothing will be permitted.

MEDICAL CONCERNS:  PE is required for all students by the state of AZ.  If a student is to be excused from activity for a day, a parent’s note is required; and for multiple days, a doctor’s note is required.  Please advise your child to notify teacher of any medical reasons requiring their activity to be limited at the beginning of class.  Students will not be excused from class without a note.

ASSESSMENTS:  Students will be graded on level of participation, dressing out, and health curriculum. 

HEALTH:  Students will be taught health and physical education.  Each student will need a pack of pencils and one subject binder or three pronged folder with paper to be left in the Health classroom throughout the year.



Thank you for your support!  Lets make it a great year.

Have Fun!