Educational Websites

All of the websites below are recommended by the fourth grade teachers as great resources for helping your child.  Please make sure that you check the contents of each website for your own peace of mind before allowing your student access. Smile 

Helpful Reading and Language Arts Websites

  1. (tips on how to build family literacy)
  2. (ideas on how to help your child read)
  3. (tons of information on helping your child love to read, also helpful items in other content areas)

Beneficial  Math Websites

  1. (includes explanations of math topics, practice problems, and fun games)
  2. (features activities and challenges to get the whole family involved in enjoying math)

Interesting Science Websites

  1. (lots of interesting information on the human body and body systems)
  2. (home resources for science help and lots of additional resources and links)

Exciting Social Studies Websites

  1. (includes tours around the world, current events, and even homework help)
  2. (tons of cool and interesting social studies and science topics)

Other Useful Websites

  1. (parenting advice and activities for parents with kids ages 0-18)
  2. (fun educational games for students to play)
  3. (this site includes information about child development, education today, and fun programs and games for kids.