PBS (Carver's School Wide Behavior Plan)

Below are the student behavior expectations that students at Carver need to demonstrate while they are at school.









·         Follow line basics.

·         Sit in body basics.

·         Arrive at school between 7:50 and 8:10.

·         Line up in designated lines.

·         Stay in designated area until dismissed.

·         Exit vehicle on the right side.


·         Use line basics.

·         Stay to the right.

·         Keep hands and objects off of walls and lockers.

·         No talking while classes are in session.

·         Go where you need to go.

·         Carry passes unless with teacher.

·         Open and hold doors for others.

·         Walk slowly on the stairs and in the hallways.

·         Keep your hands and feet to yourself.


·         Keep the bathroom clean.

·         Respect the privacy of others.

·         Respect school property.

·         Take only the restroom pass.

·         Use/Flush./Wash/Return to class.

·         Use assigned restroom unless otherwise directed.

·         Use water and soap in appropriate amounts.

·         Report problems to an adult.


·         Keep hands, feet, and all objects to self.

·         Use polite language, respectful voices, and good manners.

·         Take the first item you touch.

·         Get all utensils and food items the first time.

·         Eat only your food.

·         Raise hand for all your needs.

·         Leave area clean and have everything picked up.

·         Follow adult directions.

·         Wait quietly until your side of the table is dismissed.

·         Use line basics when entering and exiting cafeteria.


·         Follow playground and game rules.

·         Use respectful language.

·         Take turns and share equipment/materials.

·         Include everyone.

·         Ask permission to leave.

·         Return equipment or indoor games.

·         Line/clean up when bell rings or whistle blows.

·         Report problems to adult on duty.

·         Use equipment correctly and safely.

·         Sit and wait quietly until you are dismissed.

 Emergency Drills

·         Use line basics throughout the building.


·         Walk quietly in the hallway.

·         Stay in class line.

·         Go quickly to area and wait for instructions.

·         Follow teacher directions immediately.

·         Remain quiet throughout the entire drill.

 Assembly or Field Trip

·         Be a good listener.

·         Applaud and laugh politely.

·         Use quiet voices when appropriate.

·         Enter and exit using line basics.

·         Voices off when speaker is talking.

·         Stay with the teacher at all times.

·         Stay seated until dismissed.

 Dismissal and Bus

·         Follow line basics.

·         Speak politely to others and bus driver.

·         Follow the teacher or escort.

·         Follow hallway and bus rules.

·         Use an indoor voice.

·         Hold the door for others.

·         Keep belongings to yourself.

·         Remain at dismissal destination.


These are the steps in the Carver School Wide Behavior Plan.


Step One: Students will recieve a verbal warning and the opportunity to positively change behavior.

Step Two: Students will move their clip to yellow and will begin writing a  reflection sheet in the in class time out area which they will bring home to be discussed and completed with a parent.  The completed reflection sheet will need to be returned to school the next day. 

Step Three:  Students will move their clip to orange and will begin writing a second  reflection sheet in the buddy room time out area which they will bring home to be discussed and completed with a parent.  The completed reflection sheet will need to be returned to school the next day. 

Step Four: Students will move their clip to red  and will call home to discuss with a parent the problematic behaviors and postive ways they can be remediated.  

Step Five: If problematic behaviors continue, the student will be referred to the office and parents will be contacted.

Note: Office referrals can occur immediately for bullying, fighting, harrassment, property damage, and other severe behaviors.

After 3 office referrals—Teacher/Parent/Student meeting required

After 6 office referrals—Teacher/Parent/Administrator meeting required

This is a student reflection sheet.  Studetns will fill out the top section of this sheet, and bring it home to discuss better choices they could have made and consequences they will face if the problematic behavior continues. 


                    Carver Reflection Paper                       Name:____________________  Date:___________Teacher:___________________ 

1.    Circle the expectation that you broke. 


2.    This is how I broke the expectation:___________________________




 3.    3 better choices would have been to:

1.________________________________________    2.________________________________________    3.________________________________________ 

4.    If I continue to make poor choices, the consequences could be:

1.________________________________________    2.________________________________________    3.________________________________________  

Please sign and return by: ______________________   

 ___________________   ___________________      

Student Signature          Guardian Signature