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Welcome! I am glad you stopped by! My name is Mrs. Cashman and I am one of the Read 180 teachers @ Maple Avenue Middle School.  I created this webpage to share information with you.  Please feel free to use anything that you like.

Read 180 grades consist of Connect & Responds, React & Writes, Narrative, Argument, Informative, and Literary Analysis Writings, Workshop Wrap-Ups, Independent Reading work & quizzes, and Individualized Software scores.  All independent work is at the students' instructional level.  While whole group and small group work is at grade level w/individualized help, modeling, and scaffolding.


Year Outline of Read 180- 

6th grade: Workshop 1-The New Americans             Workshop 2-When Disaster Strikes           Workshop 3-Identity Crisis

         Workshop 4- Stolen Childhoods               Workshop 5- Under Pressure

7th grade: Workshop 6- Poe: The Master of                              Horror 

         Workshop 7- Alien Invaders                 Workshop 8- Turning Points                 Workshop 9- The Streets of Harlem


8th grade: Workshop 1- Eyes onThe Graduation                      Prize

         Workshop 2-Tsunami- Disaster of                        The Century

         Workshop 3-Long Journey to Justice           Workshop 4- Crime Lab Science             Workshop 5- Wired for Trouble 

Writing Supports

Character Traits

Transisiton Words

Reading Supports 

Reading and Comprehension Practice

Use student log in provided in class.

Read an Interesting article!

Books Just for Me!

Use student log in provided in class