Element Three



During my teaching experiences, and my four years of university study, I have come to realise the importance of planning, assessing and reporting in teaching. The most signification realisation for me was the strong relationship between the Syllabus, planning, teaching and assessment.

In all of my planning for teaching, I have made my goals explicit and clear - on a unit and individual lesson level. I believe that students should be aware of these goals, so that teaching is transparent and the unintentional hidden-curriculum is minimised.  I have planned lesson sequences and units that are progressive, logical and student-centred, and based on Syllabus outcomes. I use engaging resources and materials whenever I have the opportunity to do so. I have found resources from within the school, outside of the school, within the classroom, and in the playground. I have had the students develop or find resources themselves, and I believe this benefits students engagement and learning as it gives them ownership over their own education. I believe that resources can have significant educational benefit for kinesthetic or visual learners, but I also know through experience that all students enjoy using, manipulating, experimenting with, and looking at resources and materials in the classroom.

I employ a range of strategies to assess students learning, but my assessment is always directly linked to Syllabus outcomes. I believe in providing explicit criteria and indicators of achievement to students so that the learning is transparent. i believe that all students, from Kindergarten to Year 6, can benefit from this strategy as it is part of the Quality Teaching Framework. I have used a variety of assessment strategies, and these include; observation, written work, performance, journals, presentation, and discussion. I believe in the use of formative and summative assessment.

I believe that it is imperative to keep accurate records of student achievement. These records are beneficial for future planning and teaching, and allow the teacher to provide parents and caregivers with accurate and meaningful feedback. I understand our duty to report to parents and caregivers, but I believe that it is the students themselves who can benefit the most from meaningful, constructive and consistent feedback. 

I believe that student assessment results can tell the teacher as much about their own pedagogy as it can about student achievement. I believe that as a teacher, I should constantly reflect on my own teaching practice to ensure that students are able to demonstrate their understanding and knowledge at the highest possible level.