Planet Earth Rocks (Unit of Work)



Element 1: These images are the culmination of a unit of work that I designed and taught. The unit meaningfully integrated 4 KLAs, which demonstrates that I know the subject content of the syllabus, and I have the skill to integrate effectively. Through this, the and students were able to constantly draw on their prior knowledge to assist new learning experiences.

The tasks were engaging, as I ensured that the tasks had relevance to the students. They collected their own rock samples to display, and I related rocks and their purposes to the students’ everyday lives. The unit of work particularly demonstrated my ability to create a quality learning environment, as part of the Quality Teaching Framework. The students directed the direction of the unit by expressing their interests and what they would like to learn, and this in turn created an engaging unit for the students - thus demonstrating student direction and engagement.


Element 2: The interests of the students were a significant factor in the planning and teaching of this unit. The students were fascinated with rocks, and so rocks then become the main focus, through which we explored other concepts. This demonstrates that I know and integrate the interests of my students in my teaching.