Class rules

Class Rules

Class rules:

  • Respect others and their property. This includes listening when someone else is speaking (including me) and no ridiculing of any questions, comments or answers (even if answer is wrong). This is important because it will create a non judgemental and compfortable environment for learning.
  • If you come in late do so quietly, hold door until it is closed, turn in homework and pick up worksheet for the day ( if there is one), take your seat and do journal. This will minimize the disruption to our classroom.
  • Come to class prepared. This means all needed items including book, journal, pencil, eraser, calculator, sharpener and paper. I will not allow you to go to your lockers for these items. This will cut down on students missing instruction time.
  • Be in your seat when the bell rings, sitting quietly working on five minute math journal entry. Time will be available later in the class period for those needing extra time for this. This will allow me to take attendance and hand back homework or tests.
  • No electronics allowed. This means no phones or Ipods ect…. I will confiscate these items until the end of the school day if a student is caught using them. This will cut down on student interruptions and they will pay more attention in class.

Obey all other school rules!