Class procedures

Class Procedures

  • When the student comes in he/she will go to the appropriate in box for the students and put homework that is due and or late work and pick up worksheet for the day (if there is one), take their seat and begin working on their five minute math journal.

  • At this time I will Take attendance and hand back papers to students.

  • Raise hand if have a comment or question during a presentation or direct instruction time. This will cut down on unnecessary interruptions

  • All equipment is available for student use, not misuse. With the exception of my desk and file cabinet, please do not touch those things unless I ask you to. If you want to use the computer you must ask and it will be limited to five minutes per student during free time. If we are using it for class I will rotate you appropriately so that each student will have an opportunity to use it.

  • If students must leave the room they must ask for permission and get a pass.This will cut down on missed class time and too many students leaving all at once.

  • During seat work you may work in groups quietly unless we are taking a test or quiz. If you need help please ask another student before you ask me, I will be more than willing to help, but I would like you to try and figure it out on your own or with another student.

  • When seat work is complete you may use class computer, or do other quiet activities such as reading or other homework.

  • If you need to stretch do not do it during a presentation, but you may do it quietly other times, please do not walk around the class.

  • I expect participation from all students and that all students behave appropriately and according to school policies and procedures.

  • When leaving for the day, be sure your area is clean(this means no garbage on desk or floor around you) and you have all your belongings. Exit class calmly and quietly.

  • If there is an emergency drill stay calm, stay quiet, and stay in your seat until I have given you instructions on what to do, then fallow those instructions calmly, quietly and quickly.