Grading policy

Grading System

The grading practice I will be using is a points system. There will be a total of 1000 points available for the semester. The breakdown of points will be as follows. 1000 to 900 or 100 to 90 percent will be an A. 899 to 800 or 89 to 80 percent will be a B. 799 to 700 or 79 to 70 percent will be a C. 699 to 600 or 69 to 60 percent will be a D. 599 and below or 59 percent and below will result in a failing grade.

Extra credit assignments will be available each week to make up any lost points due to absences, loss of participation points, or missing journal assignments. No more than fifty extra credit points will be awarded per semester.

Opportunities to increase quiz and test scores are available as well. By correcting any missed test or quiz questions and turning the corrections in by the next class period the student will receive ½ point for each corrected question. In addition there will be six quizzes given throughout the semester and the lowest of those scores will not be counted toward the final grade. If a quiz or test is missed the student must make it up with-in one week. It is the student’s responsibility to schedule the make-up test or quiz time with me.

I will be available one hour before and one hour after school for any students that need extra help or help in catching up on tests, quizes or missed assignments due to absences.

All homework is due the next day of class unless absent in which case the student will be given one extra day for each day absent to complete missed work. No late homework will be accepted except for in the case of an excused absence as outlined above.

All assignments for the week will be posted on the assignment board. Mondays assignment will be due Tuesday, Tuesday’s will be due Wednesday and so on. No homework will be assigned on Friday; however I will be checking the student’s progress on their semester report each Monday and award points accordingly under homework.

Homework will be grades as follows: 5 points if 90 percent or more of the questions are correct, 4 points if 80 to 89 percent of the questions are correct, 3 points if 70 to 79 percent of the questions are correct, 2 points if 60 to 69 percent of questions are correct and 1 point if 59 percent or less are correct.


Reports are graded on content and writing skills (spelling, grammar and typing errors). The presentation portion will be graded on clearness, length of time and the use of visual aids. A rubrics will be provided for this project.

The points scale for the semester is as follows and is based on a fifteen week semester.

What’s graded                                   Points per day                           semester total

Attendance                                                        1 point per day                                         75 points total

Participation                                                       1 point per day                                        75 points total

Daily journal entry                                             1 point per day                                         75 points total

Homework                                                        up to 5 points per day                              375 points total

Semester report                                             up to 40 points                                           40 points total

Presentation of report                                    up to 10 points                                            10 points total

Quizzes (6 total)                                            20 points each                                           100 points total

                                                                (Lowest score will not count)

Midterm test                                                 up to 100 points                                         100 points total

Final test                                                       up to 150 points                                         150 points total

                                                      Total possible = 1000 points per semester.

I will be sending home information regarding my grading practice for the parent to sign and return to me.

I will keep this with each student’s file for referral if needed.