6th Grade Behavior Goals and Rewards

Sixth grade is an exciting transition from elementary school into middle school.  In order to support this transition, the sixth grade teachers work very closely to align classroom expectations so that students easily  make the adjustment to experiencing multiple classes.  All students are expected to be positive, contributing, respectful members in every class.  They are expected to be polite and thoughtful of one another.  Any behavior that prevents the class from functioning well or any display of disrespect will not be tolerated.   The following outlines classroom/school rewards and consequences.


We use a point system to track student behaviors.  At the beginning of each week, each student will automatically be awarded  a total of 40 points.  At the end of the week, any student who has kept between 32 to 40 points will earn the weekly reward.


Points will be deducted for the following infractions:


Distracting Noises

Head Down/ Off task

Late/Missing Work

Missing Materials

Misuse of Materials

Neck Slapping

Off task/talking

Off topic comments

Out of Seat without permission

Outburst (Verbal)

Rude comment or gesture

School Policy:  Items not allowed

School Policy:  Dress code violation

School Policy:  Tech violation

Substitute:  Poor and/or disrespectful behavior for a substitute teacher

Talking back to authority

Tardy to class

Touching others or other's property without permission

Zero tolerance infraction (violent action or threat of violence).  Student will be immediately sent to the office


Students may earn points back at the end of each week for excellent grades.  One point per A average in each of the academic and related arts classes will be added back into a student's account.


Points will be awarded each Thursday afternoon and will be calculated the following Thursday afternoon.  Points will start over each week.  Students who have kept between 32-40 points will be invited to bring their personal technology devices to class on Friday (Technology Friday).