Assignments and Homework Aug. 13-17

Reading:  Skills:  Context Clues, Text dependent questions, Notetaking

Language:  Skills:  Pronoun Identification and usage

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Easy CBM testing

Pronoun Notes pg. 1

Pronoun Exit Ticket

Same Same Same

Pronoun Notes pg. 1 (4-13)

"Shrouded in Myth" gist notes - finish for homework

Same as 2nd "Shrouded in Myth" 1st read. Same as4th

Possessive Adjective and Pronoun Notes

Possessives Exit Ticket

"Shrouded in Myth" vocabulary work

Same as 2nd

Pronoun Notes p. 1 (4-13)

"Pronoun Exit Ticket

Same as 2nd


Meet the Teacher Night - 6:30

Pronoun Notes p. 2 (3-12)

"Shrouded in Myth"- Text evidence

Same as 2nd

Possessive Adjective Notes

"Shrouded in Myth" gist notes - finish for homework

Same as 2nd


Students who have kept at least 32 Commando Points this week are invited to Technology Friday.


Planner Check

Reflexive Pronoun Notes

"Shrouded in Myth" text evidence questions (1-5) - finish for homework

Same as 2nd

Planner Check

Possessive Pronoun Notes

Vocabulary Square - finish for homework

"Shrouded in Myth"  text evidence questions 1-5. - Finish for homework.