Classroom Expectations

Mrs. Awadzi

Business Management

Classroom Expectations & Syllabus



1.       Come to class everyday on time and prepared to learn with class materials: writing utensil and notebook/folder to file assignments and handouts

2.       The teacher, not the bell, will dismiss students from class.  Students are to remain seated until dismissed.  In addition, any lining up at the door by students within the last 5 minutes of class will be met with additional work for the students to complete since the teacher apparently did not assign enough to keep the students busy for the entirety of the class period.

3.      Regular attendance will result in better success in this class.  As the teacher I will use my  discretion as to calls home and/or parent contact

4.       Students are to remain in their seats at all times unless work is being turned in, the class is working in groups, or the student is requested to come see the teacher.

5.       Collaboration between students is allowed and expected by the teacher, but only during appropriate times.  When the teacher is presenting material, the students are to give their undivided attention to the teacher.

6.       Passes will be held to a minimum. Constant student traffic in and out of the room is a disruption to the learning environment and is not an accepted business/workplace activity.

7.     Students will create and expect a learning atmosphere free from the distraction of:

         Cell phones, electronics (ie: hand held video games), music devices (Ipods), etc. –  Now is the time to learn to manage yourself appropriately for the  working   world.Inappropriate behavior, language, and/or attitudes that disrupt the learning environment.

8.        Absolutely no food or drink is allowed in the classroom at any time.

9.       Students are to do their own work at all times.  Cheating of any kind whether it is helping someone else during tests or quizzes, receiving help from someone during tests or quizzes, turning in someone else’s work, or allowing someone to copy your work and turn it in as their own is strictly prohibited.  If a student is caught, the student will receive a zero for the assignment and a call to the student’s parent/guardian to discuss the situation.

10.       This class will rely on students participating and being active during class discussion.  Therefore, it is expected that students will utilize appropriate discourse during all discussions and during debates.  Students are allowed to disagree with one another and with the teacher during these discussions, but students are never allowed to discredit or belittle another student’s point of view.  Although the teacher will never ask the students for respect, it is the expectation of the teacher that the students will treat one another with respect.

9.    Use of any curse or derogatory words.