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Homework based on Liturgy of 9/30/2012 - Due Tuesday 10/01/2012

Sharing Our Gifts

Are you aware that you have been given, like Moses, certain spiritual gifts? Go over the following list. Help yourself to recognize how these gifts are present in your life. Then describe in writing one specific way you will use these gifts this week to serve God and others.

1) The gift of prophecy
One of the meanings of prophecy is to speak, sing, or dance with enthusiasm in praise of God.
How might you use this gift?

2) The gift of healing
One way of healing others is to listen patiently and with compassion to their troubles and complaints.
How might you use this gift?

3) The gift of prayer
One way of practicing this gift is to offer faithful intercessory prayer for people who are sick, homeless, addicted, or cut off from others. How might you use this gift?

Religion homework for this week includes the assignment associated with the weekly Readings; the readings may be found at The homework is as follows:

Homework for liturgy of September 16, 2012. (Due September 18, 2012) Based on Gospel: Mk 8:27 - 35

In the gospel reading Jesus asked the apostles, "Who do you say that I am?" Write Peter's response.

"You are..."

What would you answer if Jesus were to ask you this same question today?
"You are..."
What words in today's gospel show that Peter did not understand what kind of Messiah Jesus would be?
What message was Jesus trying to teach about following him?
How would you share this message in the world today?