Spanish 1-¿Que paso?


  • Begin watching movie on the Quinceañera (Sweet 15) and will finish this movie next class period.  


  •  Finished working on review packet as a class and turned in to the brown box.


  • Took notes on the Quinceañera and turned those in to the brown box.


  • Finished watching 3 movies for Academy Awards. Turned ballots in for a participation grade.


  • Reviewed Spanish packet as a class and did not turn in.


  • Watched 4 commercials and 3 movies for Academy Awards.


  • Went over Classroom Procedures and Class Path (schedule).
  • Turned in to the brown box for a grade.


  • Continued to work on Spanish review packet. Only assigned as homework if the class is not on task!   


  • (Blue) Syllabus signed by parent/guardian is due in the brown box.


  • Work as a class on Cosas de Mi worksheet on numbers 1-5 that are to be in complete Spanish sentences.
  • Present Cosas de Mi in front of class and turn in (brown box). 


  • Do a Spanish Writing Proficiency test and documented under P.D.E. 
  • Go over January goals for Spanish 1 and reflection of last semester of Spanish.


  • Begin working on Spanish Semester 1 Review packet.
  • Binder/notebook check for a grade while working on packet.



Welcome back students! Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year's break!

  • We start off with an ice breaker of BINGO. First 3 students to get Bingo put their names on the board. We then verify the signatures and information.
  • Go over Class Syllabus with class. You need to sign your name, have your parent/guardian signature and 2 names of classmates to help you with what's going on. This is due next period...for a grade! Plus you need to bring in a notebook or binder for a grade. This binder/notebook is where you will keep your notes and papers.
  • Watch top 8 videos and vote for the top 4 videos.