Ms. Boyett's AP English Literature and Composition Class


This is the homepage to our class' website! Here is where you can see any new updates/announcements about the class. This is also where I have given a description of the class with the expectations my students will be held to.  

Weekly Announcments

  • This week begins of studying English Literature and the theme of misogyny within different works 
  • remember to look at the syllabus for the readings that need to be done outside of class!


Students are expected to keep up with the syllabus and do the readings outside of class. There will be quizzes every class period for the reading from the night before. Students are expected to complete any assignments given in/outside of class ON TIME. Grading will be based on the effort presented in each project/assignment. 





AP Lang, Pate Lesson 2 Diagram | Quizlet